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Weighing the benefits of VPNs against Seedboxes totally depends on what’s your security purpose. Therefore, a Seedbox is helpful if you like to use private VPN is inbuilt in seedbox.

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Everything comes down to “the server,” its capabilities, performance, speed, location, etc. You could use a crappy computer to connect to a seedbox, and it still wouldn’t make a difference to the seedbox, as it does for a VPN. VPNs and seedboxes are completely different technologies and built for different purposes. Though many use VPNs as a tool for safe and secure torrenting, you’ll not get anything else from VPNs apart from masking your IP. With some VPNs, you might even be found in their logs and thus that safety factor will not apply to them.

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It is also not controlled by any authority, so you can rely on it for protecting your online data. Seedbox vs. VPN for Torrenting – A Quick Rundown Ultimately, comparing a VPN and Seedbox is a bit unfair to the latter. A VPN is a complete tool used for various purposes, while Seedbox is designed primarily with torrenting in mind.

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Make sure to install TAP drivers when there is a popup. Step 3. Download the zip file from the OpenVPN link provided in your mail. Step 4. VPN vs SEEDBOX.

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Encrypting the Traffic. The VPN encrypts all the traffic between your PC and VPN destination server. In this way, it Hiding IP Address. When your traffic gets redirected through the private network, any sites that you visit can see the Virtual Traffic In a nutshell, a VPN will mask your public IP address and use a VPN’s server IP to torrent, so you wouldn’t get flagged by DMCA letters, your VPN provider will. A Seedbox is a server made especially for seeding torrents.

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